Wisdom teeth are usually four most terminal molars (also known as third molars) that grow into your mouth around the age between 18 and 22. These are last set of teeth that will come into your mouth. I am sure you have heard some horror stories about wisdom tooth extraction from someone that you know. However, not all wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. Most common reason why a wisdom tooth needs to be extracted is, if there is not enough room for the tooth to come in fully exposed, or if it comes in at an angle creating extra space between that tooth and the tooth in front of it. In either cases, it makes the area around the wisdom tooth very difficult to clean and maintain and that can lead to either cavities or gum disease around the tooth. Sometimes, there will be enough room for them to come in fully into your mouth or you may be missing one or more wisdom tooth as well. It is a good idea for you to get a radiograph called Panoramic radiograph taken/updated around the age of 18 to check whether you have any wisdom tooth and if so how it is doing. If you do have to get one or more wisdom tooth extracted, it is good idea to get it done sooner than later because as a person gets older, the jaw bone gets denser and more brittle making the extraction more difficult. Hence, longer you wait before you get your wisdom tooth extracted, higher the chance that you may end up with possible complications. If you have wisdom tooth that has not come in fully into the mouth or if you are at the age around 18 or 19, it may be a good idea for you to come and see us and talk to us about it.

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