Calgary Dental Tooth Cavity

Why your dentists at West Market Dental recommend a check-up every 6 months and what gets done?

At West Market Dental your dentists like to come in at your 6 month cleaning to say hi and do your dental check-up. In our office all three of our Calgary dentists believe in a thorough dental check-up where we will begin with an exam outside your mouth where we will check for any lumps and bumps, evaluate your TMJ (jaw joint) among other areas. After that we will check inside your mouth where your dentist will first begin to check your gums, cheeks, tongue etc. for oral cancer and make sure everything is looking in tip top shape. Finally and most important for some patients is your dentist will then do a thorough check over of your teeth. After all is done, your dentist will then let you know of any thing they noticed. Believe it or not most issues in your mouth will not cause any discomfort until they become big problems so the overall main purpose of this check up is to use any x-rays taken as well as the visual exam to notice any small problems that may be present so they can be fixed before they cause any pain. All the dentists at our Calgary Signal Hill dental office are also trained in many methods of improving your smile whether its porcelain veneers, smile make-over, dental implants, cosmetic dental bonding or invisalign (clear or invisible braces) so if you have any questions about your mouth or improving your smile this is a perfect time to ask your dentist and he would be happy to explain things to you.

We recently had a patient come in and it's a perfect example why we like to do our 6 month check-ups. For confidentiality lets call our patient Sandra (not her real name). She came to see us because her filling fell out and wanted it fixed. She had not been in for about 3-4 years. She said she was a little nervous of the dentist because of experiences when she was a child and she avoided check-ups because she was a bit worried to face the reality that something may be wrong and she would need some work done. These were all really good reasons and totally understandable. Upon closer checking Sandra's filling fell out because she had a large cavity in the tooth.

Calgary Dentist Crowns
Calgary Dentist Crowns

Luckily all the tests performed on the tooth were normal and Sandra did not have any pain. The cavity was cleaned out and because there was not much tooth structure left the tooth needed to be crowned (capped) to prevent it from breaking in the future.

In the end we were able to avoid doing a root canal on this tooth even though it was close since the cavity was so deep!! Now Sandra has a new crown and a strong tooth again but this time was a little too close for comfort. After chatting with Sandra and explaining if she had come in for her regular 6 month checkups and cleanings this cavity would have been spotted a few years ago and it would have been fixed with a simple filling rather than a very big filling and a crown. This would have saved Sandra some time and more importantly some money!! Now that Sandra saw the value of her regular check-ups she planned on coming back soon for a check-up and cleaning to make sure there were no other problems with her teeth and to fix any small issues before they became a big problem.

Thank-you for choosing us to be your Calgary dentists.