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We are currently offering POLA Take Home Whitening System – POLA Day and POLA Night for $300.00.

The Pola Day/Night treatment is a take home do-it-yourself kit to be applied to your teeth in the comfort of your own home. An impression of your teeth is taken at our office and a custom tray is made for you to take home with your kit of Pola day/night.

Depending on the level of staining on your teeth, and the health of your teeth, we will supply you with Pola Day/Night at varying levels of carbamide peroxide gel concentrations. These percentages will be marked on the syringes. Wear the trays in your mouth for the time recommended . More information will be provided upon your dental visit.

For more information on POLA Advanced Tooth Whitening System, feel free to contact us or visit POLA website.

At this time we do not offer POLA Office. As an alternative, we do offer ZOOM Teeth whitening for in-office treatments.