How do our fees compare to the 2018 Alberta Dental Fee Guide?

We're glad you asked!

Alberta Dental Fee GuideWe have always aimed to maintain fair and reasonable dental fees even with the higher cost associated with operating a dental practice in Calgary's west end. With the recent release of the 2018 Alberta Dental Fee Guide by the Alberta Dental Association and College, we want to be transparent about our fees and how they compare. We were happy to see that for the most part, many of our fees matched or were very close to what was recommended in the fee guide. The following chart lists the most common dental procedures and shows our fees compared with the suggested fee guide.
CodeProcedureOur feeFee Guide
01101Child's new patient exam (with only baby teeth)$63.00$71.17
01103Adult's new patient exam $95.00$101.48
01202Recall exam (check-up for existing patient)$64.19$64.19
02111Single periapical xray$27.60$27.60 *
02144Four bitewing xrays$78.37$78.37 *
02601Panoramic xray$88.32$88.32
111011 unit of polishing$59.84$59.84 *
12101Fluoride Treatment$28.99$28.99
111133 units of scaling$201.48$201.48 *
13401Sealant (First Tooth)$32.63$32.63
23111Front tooth: 1 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling)$146.00$136.51
23112Front tooth: 2 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling)$172.00$163.40
23321Molar: 1 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling)$161.00$149.60
23324Molar: 4 surface bonded Composite (Tooth colored filling)$306.24$306.24
33111Routine 1 canal root canal (non-difficult)$708.00$662.15
33141Routine 4 canal root canal (non-difficult)$1,418.00$1,423.30
71101Removal of single tooth (uncomplicated)$159.00$134.33
71211Removal of a single tooth (surgical with bone removal)$295$264.13
72231Removal of a single tooth (complete bone impaction)$500.00$479.00
* Denotes that other codes in the same category will also match the fee guide (eg. 3 scaling units vs 4 scaling units)
Note that not all procedures such as dentures and crowns are listed as professional fees vary based on lab costs and on the complexity of each individual treatment. Please feel free to call our office to arrange a visit for our dentists to evaluate your teeth and provide a more accurate estimate. It is important to understand your dental insurance policy. Dental insurance companies can decide the maximum amount they will cover for any particular procedure and that amount could be less than what is suggested in the 2018 Alberta Dental Fee Guide. Furthermore, not all procedures are covered based on your particular plan.