Congratulations on your new baby!!! Having a newborn baby at home, if you are a first time parent or experienced parent can be scary. A quick glance at any online parenting forms reveals that breastfeeding is a sensitive topic, everyone is debating right now.

One of the unique services we provide at West Market Dental is we treat babies under 6 months of age for issues with breastfeeding.  If mom and baby are having difficulty getting the hang of breastfeeding, it may be due to a lip or tongue tie getting in the way of the infant being able to achieve a proper latch.  If you are experiencing difficulty breastfeeding, please visit your lactation specialist first, to see if this is the cause of poor nursing, or pain, while you are breastfeeding.  In many cases, you can work with your lactation specialist to do exercises to improve your newborn’s latch.

However, if the latch doesn’t improve, and if it is necessary, your lactation specialist can refer you to us to have the lip and/or tongue ties revised using a soft tissue laser.  There is no guarantee that the latch will improve with the release, but in the vast majority of the cases we treat, there is noticeable improvement, and it will give your infant the best chance of developing a better latch.

We at West Market Dental are general dentists located in the southwest of Calgary, primarily serving the communities of Aspen, Signal Hill, West Springs and Cougar Ridge.  We are proud to welcome patients from all over Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia for newborn laser lip and tongue tie procedures. Please call us at 403-246-8555 and we would be happy to assist you.