Lumineers and Cristal Veneers

Lumineers and Cristal Veneers

For over 10 years, West Market Dental has been providing Lumineers and Cristal Veneers, which are the types of porcelain laminate dental veneers that require little or no removal of tooth structure to place.  In situations where no teeth structure is removed, the procedure is completely reversible.  These types of veneers compared to traditional preparation veneers are technique sensitive to place well and require proper risk assessment and treatment planning.  If you are a candidate, Lumineers or Cristal Veneers can be a great cosmetic or esthetic dentistry treatment option.  There are advantages and disadvantages to these minimally invasive veneers that prospective patients should be aware of.




  • More conservative treatment compared to traditional preparation veneers
  • 100% reversible if no tooth structure removal is required
  • Can be placed overtop of existing crowns and veneers
  • Can make your teeth less sensitive when placed overtop of root recession
  • Oftentimes, no dental anesthetic is needed


  • May appear more bulky compared to traditional preparation veneers
  • May appear more opaque compared to traditional preparation veneers
  • May appear more monochromatic compared to traditional preparation veneers
  • May not be able to completely mask dark underlying teeth due to their minimal thickness
  • May irritate the gum tissues due to the slight bulkiness
  • Due to the existing bite, some patients may not be a candidate
  • May be more fragile compared to traditional preparation veneers due to their minimal thickness, especially for patients who have habits like grinding and nail biting

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for Lumineers or Cristal Veneers in order to get the most durable, cosmetic, and naturally beautiful result would be a patient who has:

  • Naturally small teeth
  • Adequate spaces between the teeth
  • Teeth that are not overly dark
  • A bite that has adequate space between the top and bottom teeth

Please feel free to book a consultation with a dentist at West Market Dental if you are interested in Lumineers or Cristal Veneers in Calgary.  We would be happy to sit down with you to evaluate your teeth to see if you are a candidate for this conservative form of cosmetic dentistry.

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